Mastercard x ChangeUp
Mastercard x ChangeUp
"I never could have imagined when we started that one of our partnerships would end up being Mastercard, one of the most powerful technology companies in the world."

- Bob Soderstrom, CEO & Co-founder, ChangeUp, Inc.

When long-time PTTOW! member Tim Kring created the hit television show Heroes in 2006, he had no idea it would lead to a robust online community of diehard fans looking for ways to make an impact on the world. This discovery drove him to reach out to creative collaborator Bob Soderstrom to find a way to harness this enthusiasm and turn it into action.

Fast-forward a short time later and ChangeUp was born - a technology that enables consumers and companies to donate to their favorite causes in a friction-less environment, everytime they make a purchase.

Through sheer determination, and a little help from PTTOW!, ChangeUp has been able to find numerous brand partners for their new technology, not least of which was Mastercard, who partnered with ChangeUp to power their Mastercard Donate app.

"One of the principles at Mastercard we outline for ourselves is to do well by doing good. As a company, we have an incredible amount of resources - so how can we deploy them for the betterment of society?"

- Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, President, Healthcare at Mastercard

Mastercard x ChangeUp