Troy Carter

Troy Carter
CEO & Founder

Troy Carter, Manager of Lady Gaga Launching New Consumer Product “Pop Water”

October 29, 2012

Troy Carter, founder and CEO of entertainment company Atom Factory and manager of Lady Gaga, and photographer Terry Richardson are teaming up for a new consumer product, Popwater, set for an early 2013 debut. The new beverage will be marketed as a healthier alternative to sugary soft drinks – an 11.2 oz can will contain 30 calories and 7 grams of sugar. Troy Carter came with the idea after numerous talks with Coca-Cola and Pepsi about creating a drink driven by iconic media. The health perspective of the product is attributed to the health food movement that has been popularized.

Carter tells Billboard the idea for Pop Water resulted from the various conversations his company had with Pepsi and Coca-Cola over the years regarding their respective music initiatives. “We noticed none of the brands had music in their DNA,” he says. “We felt we could build something with relevance to music and pop culture if we built something from scratch. Whether it’s flying to Kentucky with food scientists or flying around the world sourcing the packaging, the last two years has been an education for us in the beverage space.”

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