Introducing New Member, Rick Gomez

December 05, 2018

We are so excited to welcome the EVP & CMO of Target, Rick Gomez to the PTTOW! Family in 2019. Rick has been driving the Target marketing and creative teams for more than 5 years and recently launched a women’s swimwear ad campaign focused on body positivity that chose not to airbrush any of the models. During a talk at Brandweek Rick said “It felt like a small step that was the right thing to do. Read more about the campaign HERE.

Target has the No. 1 market share in women’s swimwear, but the retailer decided to do something a little different for its summer 2017 campaign. The creative team, which happened to be all women, chose to not airbrush any of the models in the body positivity campaign. “It felt like a small step that was the right thing to do,” said CMO Rick Gomez during his Brandweek talk. We’re so excited to welcome Rick to PTTOW! 2019, and can’t wait to hear more about his ongoing initiatives at Target. Read more about it HERE


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