Roman Tsunder

Roman Tsunder
CEO & Co-Founder

‘No One Has a Monopoly on Young People’: Exploring the Millennial Mindset by Coca-Cola Journey

July 30, 2013

On paper, the Dalai Lama, pro skateboarder Tony Hawk and Coca-Cola appear to have little in common. However, what these seemingly unlikely allies share, is a vested interest in today’s confident and connected youth culture. The Millennial generation of tech-savvy teens and twenty-somethings is keeping marketers on their toes by wielding the collective power to make or break brands, businesses and movements in a heartbeat.

Roman Tsunder, an investment banker-turned-media entrepreneur, and Terry Hardy, CEO of Sonar Entertainment, had the idea back in 2009 to convene iconic personalities and companies to explore what makes the trillion-dollar consumer demographic tick. Later that year, they hosted the first-ever PTTOW! Event. The PTTOW! network has since morphed into a unique, who’s-who mix of a few hundred executives, entrepreneurs, athletes and artists.

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