Roman Tsunder

Roman Tsunder
CEO & Co-Founder

In Advance Of PTTOW!, Target, Coca-Cola, Warby Parker Execs Get Candid About Courting Next-Generation Consumers – Forbes

May 01, 2013

Industry icons and leading brand marketers including AT&T, Google, Spotify, Virgin Mobile, Coca-Cola and Target will convene this week at the 5th annual PTTOW! Summit to examine the young-adult market, deconstruct the next-generation consumer and define the trends driving today’s culture. Several, like Target CMO, Jeff Jones—who will share the stage with—are newcomers to the Summit.

Why are they participating? “The single biggest reason is because of how important the Millennial guest is for Target,” Jones said. “For me, it’s a great chance to go and learn from and share and meet other people trying to solve the same problems we’re trying to solve.”

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