Troy Carter

Troy Carter
CEO & Founder

Atom Factory Partners with Capitol Records for New Hybrid Label

September 17, 2013

Troy Carter, manager for Lady Gaga and John Legend, is teaming with Capitol Music Group to form Atom Factory Music, a joint label that has signed two indie-rock bands, New York’s Basic Vacation and Los Angeles’ The Ceremonies. The deal will emphasize innovation and technology-based marketing strategies. Atom Factory has an investment portfolio of over 40 startup and tech companies, including Soundcloud, Songza, Spotify and

“We couldn’t be happier that Troy and Atom Factory are our partners in this new label venture,” said Capitol Music Group executive vice president Michelle Jubelirer in a statement announcing the partnership. “Troy is an inspiring entrepreneur who’s developed an impressive team of young disruptors that are helping to shape the future of music and entertainment. They are always on the leading edge, developing new and innovative ways to connect artists with fans.”

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