Over the past two years the PTTOW! Catalyst for Change committee has been meeting and strategizing on how to attack systemic racism across three primary pillars: Education, Community and Corporate Empowerment.

Catalyst For Change is offering two $5k grants each to K-12 educators who wish to introduce or deepen a program of study that embraces diversity and empowers students to share their OWN stories globally.

Please forward this opportunity to educators in your network. As a community, we have so many connections to educators which include:

  • Principals and teachers of schools we attended
  • Principals and teachers of schools our children attend or attended
  • Our college alumni boards, asking them to send the link to all K-12 graduate educators
  • Friends that are K-12 educators
  • Grant submissions are open until August 1, 2022. To learn more and/or apply visit www.catalystforchange.us/grant 

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